Web Summit is Europe’s largest technology conference. Since its 150-person conference in Dublin in 2009, Web Summit has brought together 500,000 people, including Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in South America, Web Summit Qatar in the Middle East, Collision in North America, and RISE in Asia. It has been dubbed “the world cup of tech conferences” by Forbes. More than 70,000 people have attended, including more than 1,000 speakers, 2,300 businesses, 1,000 investors, and 340 partners.
The goal of Web Summit is to develop software that facilitates meaningful connections between CEOs, startups, investors, journalists, politicians, and cultural luminaries who are transforming the world. The web summit’s assets include world-class speakers, unprecedented networking possibilities, and proprietary tech that enhances the experience.

The port city of Lisbon, one of Europe’s premier commercial capitals, draws businesses from all over the world. Lisbon’s historical treasures have made it Europe’s cultural capital and a successful host of the 1998 World’s Fair. As a result, Lisbon has become a fruitful field for technical innovation. Its unique features have resulted in a significant suitable business environment in Portugal. Macao has traditionally had close ties with countries that speak Portuguese. Domestic and foreign innovative and scientific firms might use Macau as a favored bridge to deepen interact and cooperation between Portuguese-speaking and domestic companies.