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动点有播客情结,动点绝对有播客情结。如果你经常听那些关于亚洲科技的播客节目,你经常能看到这些名字:Dr. Gang Lu(这里这里还有这里, John Artman(这里这里这里!), Eva Yoo(这儿~那儿),blah blah blah.… 如果你还有点印象的话,动点早就做了中文的播客内容——TechCrunch 中文播客😛


总之,在筹备数月之后,天时地利人和,Node Worthy隆重登场。这档英文播客节目将以7天为一个周期,用英语介绍、讨论中国科技相应时间段内的大事趣事。Node Worthy带着动点的基因和文化,希望把真正的国际化科技媒体素质介绍给各位读者。废话绝不多说,只有满满的情怀和干货,“noteworthy”百分百。

当然,第一期节目总会有这样或那样的遗憾,我总是以“Top Gear重启第一期现场也没几个观众”当作解释。话说回来,和TC中文播客第一期相比,Node Worthy已经非常牛逼了。



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Announcing the official TechNode podcast: Node Worthy

This has been a long time coming. Coming from a radio background, I have a deep passion for audio content and when I first joined TechNode I knew I wanted to do a podcast. The problem with podcasting, much like any quality content, is that you can’t just do it; you have to prepare first: choose a name, design a logo, decide the format, choose music, and acclimate writers to talking (surprise surprise, they’re much more comfortable with the written word!).

After months of discussion and preparation, we are finally ready to bring to you Node Worthy, a weekly podcast going deeper into our most interesting stories. The name “Node Worthy” not only invokes the intersection of ideas, technology, and culture of our TechNode brand but also highlights our commitment to quality (even though we’re still a small team of mostly writers), a commitment we take very seriously.

Admittedly, this first episode isn’t everything we wanted it to be, but there are times when you just have to live with the imperfect. As always, we want to hear your feedback; please do leave a comment below or get in touch to let us know what you think.

—John Artman, Editor-in-Chief


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