August Roundup at Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone

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On August 25, following the investment projects of several enterprises in the new economy industry, such as TencentAlibabaNetEaseBaiduKuaishou, and iQiyi, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone welcomed yet another tech giant: ByteDance. ByteDance is a well-known Internet technology company with products such as Toutiao and Douyin (the China version of #TikTok).

In 2015, ByteDance expanded its presence in Chengdu and has now formed multiple business teams including R&D, commercialization, and creative space.

In this signing, Chengdu will be regarded as ByteDance’s strategic center in the western region of China. With an investment of approx. 10 billion RMB, ByteDance plans to build an innovative business center in CDHT to implement cultural and creative projects, live broadcasting industrial parks, and operate AI education systems, interactive multimedia frontier businesses including office systems.

Aug 6 | Chengdu Amazon AWS Innovation Center

In June 2019, CDHT and AWS China agreed to jointly build the Chengdu Amazon AWS joint innovation center. On August 6, 2020, both parties officially signed the agreement to officially kickstart the operation.

With its cloud edge computing, Internet technology, and AI and big data analysis technologies, AWS aims to help startups expand in key fields. These fields include information technology, consumption upgrading, new finance, smart city, intelligent manufacturing, life science, digital culture and entertainment, and 5G application. Together, AWS will create cooperation opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in CDHT.

In the first half of 2020, the revenue of Internet and related services, software, and information technology service enterprises increased by 23.8%, which led to an increase of 11.1% points in the service industry, with a contribution rate of 345.5%. This goes to show that having AWS as part of the ecosystem has contributed to the growth of the internet, software, and IT services industries.

Aug 15 | The Himalaya Audiobook Library launches at CDHT

Initiated by Jincheng Community, Shiyang Street, Chengdu High-tech Zone, and China Overseas International Center, the Himalaya Audio Library was officially open to the public.

Aug 19 | CDHT signs with 28 investment ambassadors and 27 agencies

On August 19, CDHT hosted a signing ceremony with 28 investment ambassadors and 27 professional agencies to attract experts from well-known investment institutions, leading enterprises, business service organizations, as well as high-quality projects to CDHT.

Aug 20 | Tencent to build its only functional headquarter in China at CDHT

On August 20, Tencent and Chengdu High-tech Zone signed an agreement to invest RMB 5 billion ($7300 million) to build Tencent’s “new cultural and creative headquarter”, which will become Tencent’s only functional headquarter in China.

This new headquarter has two main functions:
1. To build an industrial ecology: it will focus on the development of new cultural and creative businesses such as games, e-sports, animation, video, and cultural tourism.
2. To tell a good story: it will further enrich the series of offline cultural and creative activities and entertainment methods such as “TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival”.

Tencent’s in-depth expansion in Chengdu further demonstrates the city’s strength and potential in the field of digital entertainment. We look forward to seeing great opportunities coming out of this collaboration.

Aug 20 | NetEase to create a new industrial base at CDHT

On August 20, CDHT and NetEase signed a cooperation agreement to create a new industrial base for the digital economy industry in the southwestern area.

NetEase is China’s leading internet technology company, the world’s leading online game development and publishing company, and China’s largest email service provider. On top of that, it operates its e-commerce brand, online music, online education, information media, and other platforms, serving more than one billion users in China.

The NetEase Chengdu Digital Industry Base has a total investment of approximately RMB 13 billion  ($1.88 billion). The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is located in Singapore-Sichuan Hi-tech Innovation Park at CDHT, covering an area of 95 acres and a building area of about 110,000 square meters.

According to the agreement, CDHT and NetEase will implement the “Digital Industry Innovation Base”, “Youth Unicorn Training Base”, “Science and Cultural Innovation Industry Base”, and “Industrial Internet Demonstration Center” projects to attract enterprises and talents and develop the internet and digital economy industry in Chengdu.

Aug 21 | Sichuan University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology to implement three “100 Plans” projects at CDHT

On August 21, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone successively signed cooperation agreements with Sichuan University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China to implement three “100 Plans” projects to accelerate the construction of a science and technology innovation center with national influence in the future science and technology city.

The three “100 plans” projects are:
1. RMB 10 billion investment to jointly build major technological infrastructure and national innovation platform with Sichuan University;
2. RMB 10 billion investment to jointly build a new generation of information technology national laboratory and world-class education park with the University of Electronic Science and Technology;
3. One million square meters of scientific and technological innovation space, creating a hub for regional technological innovation.

Aug 27 | a total investment of RMB 25.4 billion projects to advance Chengdu’s electronic information industry has been signed

Recently, major projects for the modernization of Chengdu’s electronic information industry chain have been signed, with a total investment of RMB 25.4 billion ($3.76 billion), focusing on advanced computing, high-end packaging, testing, and other fields. Consequently, we foresee multiple industrial projects will be realized in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone as well.

As one of the premium packing systems of the integrated circuit project, Eswin is one of the key investors among the projects. Eswin is a product and service provider in the semiconductor field with a core business that covers three major areas: chips solutions, silicon materials, and advanced packaging and testing. In recent years, Eswin has been involved in the development of semiconductors in multiple locations across China.

Eswin is investing a total of 11 billion RMB ($1.63 billion) in premium packing systems for integrated circuit project. Once the project is up and running, it will help improve the level of advanced packing technology in the domestic chip technology with its research and development, as well as manufacturing technology, and hence further closing the gap between the local and global standards.

Aug 26 | A total of RMB 10 billion has been invested in the Chengdu New Economy Industrial Functional Zone Project

Recently, the Chengdu New Economy Industrial Functional Zone Project Signing Ceremony was held in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. Among the companies signed to settle in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, 9 of them invested a total of more than RMB 10 billion.

One of the biggest investment comes from Huamei (Chengdu) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., apart from establishing its presence in CDHT, it is also planning to invest one billion RMB into the construction of a cultural and creative headquarter, a research and development center that is equipped with a “panoramic view” of science and entertainment games, a scientific pavilion, a satellite map gallery, a 5G big data operating center to fully encourage the development of digital cultural and creative industries in the hi-tech zone.

Aug 27 | LinkedIn has tailor-made In West for CDHT

The project leverages LinkedIn’s global platform to showcase Chengdu’s international business environment. Using digital marketing methods and other e-tools, the program establishes connections between the city and business decision-makers across the world. This helps them to find new opportunities in the changing landscape. “In addition to building an official platform for the zone, we will help CDHT in many different fields, including company information, industry trends, talent demand, as well as financing needs of many companies in the zone,” said Vianne Cai, head of marketing solutions at LinkedIn China.

Aug 27 | China’s first blockchain intellectual property base to be built at CDHT

On August 31, Xinhua Winshare Sichuan Digital Publishing Media and the Intellectual Property Publishing House of the State Intellectual Property Office signed a cooperation agreement to build the country’s first “blockchain intellectual property base”.

The base will support the copyright confirmation, certification, monitoring, transaction, financial service system, and copyright industry of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, and help CDHT develop into China’s largest copyright site, digital cultural copyright publishing and distribution base, and copyright content asset standard distribution site while promoting regional economic development.

AUG 28 | 9 projects signed to settle in Jiaozi Park Financial and Commercial Zone

On August 28, the Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial and Commercial Zone Project Cooperation Conference and the city’s service industry major project signing event was held in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, where a list of investment opportunities was released.

During the event, the Jiaozi Park Financial and Commercial Zone Enterprise Federation was established to sign investment cooperation agreements with 31 companies, of which 9 projects were signed to settle in the Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial and Commercial Zone including Macau International Bank-related projects, Yanjiyou National Headquarters, Sinochem Financial Technology Corporation Headquarters, etc.

The total investment of the projects exceeds RMB 1.7 billion, covering smart travel, artificial intelligence, catering, digital culture and innovation, fintech, and other fields.

Aug 29 | Tianfu International Bio-Town has kickstarted 23 projects with a total investment of RMB 16.8 billion 

Recently, Tianfu International Bio-Town has kickstarted 23 projects, which totaled up to 16.8 billion RMB ($2.5 billion) in investment. The projects include biotechnology drugs, new chemical preparations, high-performance medical devices, smart health + precision medicine, and other fields.

Maccura, as one of the key projects and the leader in the domestic IVD industry and one of the leading companies in the domestic in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry, will establish a Maccura IVD Tianfu Industrial Park and will commit to the R&D and the production of in vitro diagnostic blood-cell products and cleaning products in China and strive to be the first in vitro diagnostic product industry base in China.