September Roundup at Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone

CDHT Industry Cultivation Result 2020

Sep 3 | Announcing the first batch of incubated companies at CDHT

On September 3, CDHT released a list of the first batch of incubated companies this year. With a total of 485 companies on the list, including two platform-oriented ecological leading companies, 180 gazelle companies, and a unicorn company, it is expected to reach RMB 74.85 million.


Sep 1 | Biomedical Engineering Industry Accelerator Project completes its first production space

In early September, the second bid section of the Tianfu International Biomedical Engineering Industry Accelerator Project was completed. The project mainly provides specialized and standardized bearing space for the pilot-scale and large-scale production of innovative enterprises of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biomaterials. It is the main carrier of the bio-city industrial ecosystem to cultivate the “big brand” of the industrial chain.

After the completion of the industrial accelerator project standardized plant, the industrial plant will rely on the fully-integrated management facilities and location advantages to attract more biomedical companies to settle in CDHT. On top of that, the plant also provides a pilot production of the full-chain industrial acceleration system for related projects, such as accelerating the transformation to a professional, one-stop industrial acceleration ecological environment. In the near future, the plant aims to form sustainable, scientific research, and humanistic integration of industrial and livable communities with Yong’an Lake Forest Park and Industrial Incubation Park to help Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town transform into an innovative area with an integrated high-end global industrial chain as well as becoming the core of the value chain.

Sep 2 | Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was listed on the Sci-Tech innovation board

On September 2, Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was listed on the Sci-Tech innovation board (STAR Market) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is the third listed company in CDHT this year and the second listed company on STAR Market.

Chengdu Easton Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, advanced pharmaceuticals, biological agents, and sales. The company was established in 2009 with total assets of nearly 1 billion RMB ($146.4 million).


Sep 4 | 2020 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Summit

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Summit was held in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone on September 4, 2020.

The summit focused on the implementation of innovation-driven projects and the hot topics of new ideas and ways to develop regional industrial ecosystems. During the event, CDHT also officially announced the opening of the Chengdu Incubator Community.

The Chengdu Incubator Community is committed to building a new model for innovation and high-quality innovation space by integrating R&D and design, innovation, and transformation, scene creation, community service, and social ecology. By doing so, it aims to bridge partnerships among governments, communities, and enterprises to achieve community governance, building a community service sharing platform, and improve lifestyle services.

Sep 4 | RMB 15.1 billion investment in the future of an industrial community

On September 4, in accordance with the new missions and requirements, CDHT planned to construct a technological innovation space with a high-quality scientific and technological innovation center with a total area of 1 million square meters in the Future Sci-Tech Town. In the future, the innovation center will further strengthen the concepts of leadership, scientific design, quality construction, and high-level operation, in order to accelerate the construction of the Future Sci-Tech Town.


Sep 8 | The National Commendation Conference for the fight against COVID-19

On September 8, the National Commendation Conference for the fight against COVID-19 was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Among the commended individuals are Zhong Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjiao West Road Community, Hezuo Street; Liu Xian, General Manager of Chengdu Heyue Catering Management Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Hongqi Chain Co., Ltd.

Every ordinary Chinese has contributed great efforts to fight the epidemic. Nevertheless, there are many more unknown heroes among us, which we should all recognize and take pride in.


Sep 9 | Chengdu and Chongqing have moved a step closer in its economic collaboration

 On September 9, the event that is themed “New Discovery in Two Cities – the New Economy Development in Chengdu and Chongqing” was held in Chongqing Hi-tech Zone. As the roads connecting the two hi-tech zones have further developed, it is foreseeable that the two cities will further overcome the constraints of time and space, moving a few steps closer to developing a greater economic collaboration shortly.


 Sep 10 | The integration between Chengdu-Chongqing in the pharmaceutical industry

On September 10, the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle Pharmaceutical Industry Integrated Development Summit Forum was held in Chongqing. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Bio-industry Experts Association and Chongqing Pharmaceutical Industry Association signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Promoting the Integrated Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle and co-government of the Industry. The two parties will build their cooperation via a shared platform, share expert think tanks, to jointly advance the industry. A consensus was reached on the service platform.

At present, our district is accelerating the construction of the bio-industry ecosystem and strives to strengthen the industrial chain, innovation chain, financial chain, and supply chain to help Chengdu and Chongqing cultivating the pharmaceutical and health industry into a trillion-yuan industry and push it to Chengdu and Chongqing. A national science and innovation center will also be built.


Sep 15 | The second headquarter of Boston Scientific starts its operation in Chengdu

On September 15, the second headquarters of Boston Scientific China and the Innovation Training Institute has officially operated in Chengdu, which will help Boston Scientific better integrate into the local medical ecosystem and further improve the level of medical services. Also, the Huaxi-Poko Joint Innovation Center jointly established by Boston Scientific and West China Hospital was officially unveiled. This move will accelerate the local transformation of innovation achievements and help the western region to mentor outstanding medical talents.


Sep 17 | Chengdu 5G Smart City Pilot Zone is here

On September 17, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone South District, the core area of Xinchuan Innovation and Technology Park, is building a new industrial community in the park city—Chengdu 5G Smart City Pilot Zone. It will focus on the construction of five important public corridors such as the natural technology experimental streets, the waterfront residential streets, as well as eight public places such as 5G and artificial intelligence science and technology museum, Xinchuan Zhiqu field, and landmark buildings such as 5G Cloud Plaza and Xinchuan Technology Financial Center.


Sep 17 | Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. passed its first listing application

On September 17, Chengdu JOUAV® (abbreviated as Zongheng Stock), which is committed to the research and development, production, sales, and service of industrial drone-related products, was approved. After the registration is approved, the company will become the fourth sci-tech innovation board company in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone to be listed after HitGen Inc, M&S Electronics, Easton Biopharmaceuticals.


Sep 21 | Xinhuo innovation base will be put into use by the end of this year

As the first national-level integrated circuit public service platform in Southwest China approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the China Chip Integrated Circuit Chengdu is accelerating its construction. At present, several new types of equipment are being installed in the center of the west area, and the center of the south area is also undergoing final renovation work. It is expected to be put into use by the end of this year.


Sep 22 | The launch of Asia’s first top comprehensive e-sports

On September 22, Yang Lan and Huo Qigang attended the signing ceremony of the Asian E-sports Masters Cup China Tournament settled-in celebration at the Gazelle Valley Digital Cultural and Creative Industry Base in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.

The Asian E-sports Masters Cup China Tournament is the first top comprehensive e-sports event in Asia. It is hosted by the Asian E-sports Federation, the official organization for the management and promotion of e-sports in Asia. This competition is yet another strongest contest between the e-sports powerhouses in Asia, after the Jakarta Asian Games.


Sep  | Introducing the first IP vertical industry community at CDHT

The first intellectual property vertical industry community unveiled the “Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Intellectual Property Finance Building Innovation and Incubation Base Launching Ceremony and Global Investment Promotion Conference” in Sichuan was held in Jingronghui. This is the first specialized intellectual property building in Sichuan Province, and it is also one of the core centers of the first intellectual property new economic demonstration park in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.

As the first national independent innovation demonstration zone in the western region, the country’s first intellectual property new economy demonstration zone, and the national intellectual property service industry cluster development demonstration zone, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has been using intellectual property support to lead high-quality economic development.


Sep 23 | Chengdu Financial City Cultural Center won an industry award

On September 23, the Chengdu Financial City Cultural Center won the 2020 China Building Decoration Industry Development Forum and the 10th China International Space Design Competition (China Building Decoration Design Award) Cultural/Education/Performance Space Program Category – Silver Award.

At present, the project is under accelerated construction. This move will further enhance the energy level and brand influence of the Jiaozi Park business district, comprehensively help Chengdu enhance the development level of the modern commerce industry, strengthen the core competitiveness of the service industry in Chengdu, and help Chengdu become an international city and a park city demonstration area that implements new development concepts.


Sep 25 | Chengdu New Economy “Double-Thousand” Press Conference Park Community Special Event

On the afternoon of September 25, a community event hosted by the Social Governance Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee and the Chengdu New Economy Committee was held in Chengdu. During the event, Chengdu’s top 100 social-commerce enterprise list was released. In addition to that, 100 scenic spots and 100 products have also been released simultaneously online and offline.

Chengdu will focus on attracting new opportunities in urban communities and social organizations to participate in the creation of communities to promote ecological value, aesthetic value, human value, economic value, and social value.


Sep 25 | The first provincial industrial innovation center in Sichuan Province settles in CDHT

On September 25, the first provincial industrial innovation center in Sichuan Province has officially settled in CDHT. Led by West China Hospital of Sichuan University, the center is currently actively seeking for the National Development and Reform Commission to officially award the National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center.

In the future, the center will become an important support for Chengdu to create a comprehensive national science center, a science city in western China – Chengdu, and a science and technology innovation center with national influence.


Sep 28 | Eight projects, including the BOE Smart System Innovation Centers, kick-off construction

 On September 28, the opening ceremony of BOE Smart System Innovation Center and Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Functional Zone for the 100-day industrial project was held in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone West District.

The 8 electronic information industry projects started this time with a total investment of RMB 15 billion, involving new displays, integrated circuits, advanced manufacturing, and other aspects. The BOE Smart System Innovation Center, Huaxing Yuanchuang Western Headquarters, and many other high-level major projects will instill new momentum into the innovative development, transforming, and upgrading the electronic information industry at Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.


Sep 28 | China Mobile Chengyan Research Institute kicks off its construction

On September 28, the start of the hundred-day project in the New Economic Zone in Chengdu and the ground-breaking ceremony of the new site of China Mobile Chengdu Industrial Research Institute was held in Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park.

China Mobile Chengdu Research Institute is a professional R&D institution of China Mobile that leads digital services in education, healthcare, and agriculture for 5G and artificial intelligence. It will establish a 5G R&D base and a 5G talent training base to promote the construction and development of a new 5G ecosystem. The establishment of an efficient, open, and shared government-university research platform promotes the upgrading and development of the industrial chain in vertical fields.


Sep 29 | Didi arrives in Chengdu

On September 29, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone and Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee signed a cooperation agreement with Didi Express. Didi Express will set up its Didi Western Innovation Center in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone and will become the official sponsor of the “shared mobility” category of the Chengdu Universiade.

With the signing of this agreement, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) and TMD (Toutiao,Meituan, Dianping) have entered Chengdu one after another, providing strong momentum for the new economy industry in Chengdu.


Sep 29 | The first launch of CHENGDU XGIMI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is approved

On September 29, the results of the 85th deliberation meeting of the Science and Technology Innovation Board Listing Committee in 2020 announced that Chengdu XGIMI Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as XGIMI Technology) was approved for the issuance and listing (first issue), becoming the fifth hi-tech zone in Chengdu to be listed this year. Before this, Chengdu Tianjian Technology Co., Ltd has been listed on the small and medium-sized board, and HitGen Inc., Easton Biopharmaceuticals, and JOUAV® have successively landed on the science and technology board. The total number of enterprises on the science and technology board from Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has reached 4, accounting for two-thirds of the Sichuan province.

The RMB 1.2 billion raised is intended to be used for the R&D, upgrading and industrialization of smart projection and laser TV series products, the construction of optical machinery R&D centers, the construction of enterprise information systems, and supplementary liquidity.