October Roundup at Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone

Oct 8 | Two ten-billions-dollar projects landed in the Future Sci-Tech Town at CDHT

On October 8, the signing ceremony of the Industrialization Project of the Future Sci-Tech Town was held in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. The Sichuan Energy Investment Headquarters Project of the Three Gorges Group with a total investment of RMB 10 billion, and the Lian Do U Valley Future Technology Industrial Park project with a total investment of RMB 12 billion officially settled in the Future Sci-Tech Town.

To date, the Future Sci-Tech Town has welcomed the Tianfu campus of the Civil Aviation Flight College, the Second Research Institute of CAAC Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Zones, the production and investment group intelligent manufacturing base, the Falcon base, and the aircraft modification design and development center. The two projects, with a total investment of more than RMB 60 billion, will achieve a “strong start” for the construction of the Future Sci-Tech Town.


Oct 13 | CDHT is on a mission to cultivate 100 well-known IPs in three years

On October 13, the 8th China Internet Radio & Video Convention (CIAVC) was held in Chengdu. As the organizer and host of the conference, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone presented the construction progress and cooperation opportunities at the opening ceremony and main forum.

Focusing on the new economy to empower the network audio-visual industry, this conference relies on the China Internet Audiovisual Industry Base (Chengdu) to cultivate new products, new models, and new opportunities to help Chengdu build an international, modern, standardized and green pan-network audio-visual industry system.


Oct 16 | Didi’s community-based e-commerce physical supermarket opens in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone

After the Didi Western Innovation Center project landed in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone in September, Beijing Didi Infinite Technology Development Co., Ltd. cooperated with Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone to upgrade to the nation’s first Orange Heart physical supermarket.

The launch of the store is an important step for Didi to help Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone optimize the services to the community as well as promote community-building.

The establishment of a community e-commerce supermarket will further realize the concept of having lifestyle support and services within 15-minute proximity in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone community to satisfy the needs of its residents and increase their quality of life.


Oct 22 | China’s Urban MICE Industry Competitiveness Index Conference was held in Chengdu for five consecutive year

China’s urban exhibition industry competitiveness index is a comprehensive assessment index for the development of the exhibition industry in cities.

On October 22, the Conference on China’s Urban MICE Industry Competitiveness Index In 2020, Forum For MICE Industry was held in Chengdu. This is also the fifth consecutive year that the China Conference and Exhibition Economic Research Association has released the domestic city convention and exhibition industry competitiveness index for the world in Chengdu. Chengdu is ranked fourth for three consecutive years and first in the Midwest, and was selected as the “2019 China’s Most Competitive Exhibition City” along with cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

At the meeting, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone International Cooperation and Investment Service Bureau signed a contract with Chengdu Medical and Health Expo and Tianfu Home Fair.


Oct 21 | 51 well-known brands will open its first store in Chengdu

On October 21, the 2020 Chengdu First Store Economy Conference hosted by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by Chengdu Bureau of Commerce was held in Chengdu.

At the meeting, 51 well-known brands in the fields of apparel, catering, beauty, sports, and entertainment signed contracts with Chengdu commercial projects on-site to officiate the settlement of their first stores in Chengdu.

As a new driving force to stimulate consumption, the “first-store economy” has become an important support for Chengdu to build an international consumption center city and enhance the city’s commercial charm.

Chengdu will continue to accelerate the economic development of the first stores in Chengdu with an open and inclusive approach. Chengdu will continue to release urban commercial opportunities, create a rich consumption scene, and create a beautiful life for the city in which the international style, taste, commercial prosperity, and aesthetic characteristics integrate into Chengdu.


Oct 23 | Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Bio-industry Financial Innovation Product Release and Multi-level Capital Market Forum

On October 23, the “Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Bio-industry Financial Innovation Product Release and Multi-level Capital Market Forum” was held in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town.

With the theme of “Financial Innovation and Technology Empowerment”, this event aims to capture the opportunities of capital market reforms; develop the three fields of credit, funds, and insurance; accelerate the research and development of specialized financial products in the bio-industry, and establish the first in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) fund in the subdivision of biomedicine, the nation’s first bio-industry specialized credit product BIO loan, and blood product insurance at CDHT.


Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone releases 2020 Community Construction Project and Support Plan at RMB 2.2million

Community Construction Support Center and the 2020 Project Launch conference were held recently. The 2020 Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone’s Community Construction project and Support Plan were released at the event site, RMB 2.2 million will be invested in the community construction. In the next step, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Community Construction Support Center will build a project management team composed of the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Community Development and Governance and Social Security Bureau, external experts, and the Hi-Tech Social Association to collaborate with the district, street, community, and district-level support, incubate social think tanks, enhance neighborhood collaboration, incubate business managements, enhance community innovation, incubate demonstration communities, enhance social power professionalism, and incubate demonstration projects.


Oct 27 | the first Human Resources Collaborative Development Institute in China was inaugurated in CDHT

On October 27, the “Zhihui Bashu·Sichuan Human Resources Service Industry Development Forum” was held in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. At the forum, the first Human Resources Collaborative Development Institute in China was inaugurated and established.

As one of the top think-tanks in the field of HR collaborative development, the institute will be based in Chengdu while providing services nationally and internationally. It will be committed to solving the current problems in industrial development, promoting multi-factor coordination of industrial development, and providing theories for human resources to serve the future of the city.


Oct 31 | the High-performance Medical Devices Forum gains over 1 million views online

On October 31, the Development of High-performance Medical Devices in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Bio-industry Ecosphere (Tianfu International Bio-town) Forum was held in Beijing.

This event was conducted via on-site and live broadcasting, with over 1 million views online. At the event site, the Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration presented the forthcoming Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration Supports Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-town’s development and innovation measures for the pharmaceutical industry.

At the conference, the representative from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said: In the past five years, the growth rate of China’s medical device market sales has remained above 20%. That being said, China’s medical device market has a lot of room for future development. Currently, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone is actively promoting the creation of a high-performance medical device micro-ecosystem. At present, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has attracted domestic and foreign medical device companies such as Medtronic, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Boston Scientific, MicroPort CardioFlow Medtech, and Puhua Life. Meanwhile, Great Master Diagnostics and other companies in the field of innovative medical equipment industry are investing in the construction of a medical equipment localization base in Tianfu International Bio-Town, while Gree Electric Applicances Inc of Zhuhai develop the first batch of domestic new energy mobile P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicles for epidemic prevention and control.


Oct 30 | the 2020 Golden Panda Global Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals attracted a total of 315 projects from 16 countries around the world

Recently, the 2020 Golden Panda Global Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals came to an end in Jingronghui, Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. The competition focused on the innovation and application of blockchain technology, which attracted a total of 315 projects from 16 countries around the world.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone signed five blockchain projects on-site at the event including Hangzhou Qulian Technology and Beijing Peersafe Technology. Among them, the Chengdu Blockchain Industry Application Research Institute Co., Ltd. project, which is led by Chengdu Trueone Century Technology Co., Ltd., aims to create an ecosystem integrating blockchain innovation technology research and development, incubation, and application.

To achieve that, they plan to build a public service platform for the application and transformation of blockchain international experts and the Asia-Pacific international blockchain financial technology joint laboratory, the Blockchain Application Evaluation, and Audit Laboratory, and the Blockchain International Training Center.