优客工场回应遭 WeWork 起诉事件:我们没有商标侵权


9 月 13 日,众创空间服务 WeWork 在美国对中国公司优客工场提起诉讼,称该公司侵犯其商标权。今日稍晚些时候,优客工场做出回应,声明优客工场 URwork 商标并不存在任何对 wework 商标的侵权行为和事实。


日前,我们关注到,有媒体报道,美国共享办公企业 wework 在英国对本公司拥有、使用的优客工场 URwork 商标提出异议。对此,我司高度重视,并立即与相关业务部门就各项商标注册流程、进度及法律文件等进行逐一核查。我司经核查后认为,优客工场 URwork 商标并不存在任何对 wework 商标的侵权行为和事实。



二、优客工场 URwork,所阐释的是一种对于联合办公的理解,其对应的业务是共享办公,及其围绕共享办公构建的服务体系。URwork 的核心在于“UR”,work 则是开放性的公众词汇,意为“工作”等。任何机构、企业或个人,均不享有对 work 或工作这一公众概念、名称的独占权,遑论以此为名发起专利战。任何公司包括 wework 公司在内,指认我司商标侵权的判断,既无任何法律依据,也与通识相违背。

三、优客工场 URwork 应中国“创新创业”而生,是共享经济的知名代表。短短两年多,优客工场 URwork 迅速成为共享办公领域的知名商标和品牌,在广大创新创业者、投资机构、媒体行业等中间都树立了良好的品牌形象,形成了完全独立的认知识别体系,其估值也体现了市场的真实认可。并受到所有拓展区域政府部门的欢迎。我司无意也没有必要通过侵犯 wework 商标的方式获取利益。但与此同时,我司也不愿意看到其他机构、企业和个人,假借优客工场 URwork 业已呈现的影响力,寻求实现其商业目的。



2017 年 9 月 13 日


With regards to the recent media coverage on US co-working space provider WeWork’s dispute against URwork for using our own registered trademark and brand name 优客工场 URwork in the UK and the US, we attach great importance and have set into immediate investigation with juridical department on the legal registration procedure, pertinent registration process and legal documents of the 优客工场 URwork trademark. Through thorough investigation, there is no legal proof for URwork’s infringement on WeWork’s trademark

Pertinent to the matter, we would like to make the following comments:

  1. URwork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co Ltd  has been deploying the brand and the legal trademark of name 优客工场 URwork for over two years. As legal proprietor of the 优客工场 URwork trade mark, we are fully entitled to the rights endowed by the law, and will take all due measures to defend our legal rights of intellectual property.
  1. 优客工场 or URwork is an interpretation of co-working concept, with shared office facilities and professional service products at the center. Central to the trade mark is the “UR”, while “work” is a common English word, ubiquitously seen in many commercial contexts. No institutions, enterprises or individuals hold proprietary right to the usage of the word, let alone regarding it as their own intellectual property. URwork trademark has distinguishingly different design than the WeWork trademark. There is no legal proof, or common sense for any claims from WeWork that URwork infringes upon its trademark.
  1. Over the course of two years, URwork has built a strong image and reputation amongst international start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as established our proprietary brand visual identity system. Its market valuation has also reflected the genuine recognition of the brand.  As such, 优客工场 URwork has been well received by government officials in our expanding territories.  优客工场 URwork as a legal trademark and as a business have been widely acknowledged by the government and the society and has achieved a healthy commercial growth through effective operation. It’s never our intention to profit through infringing on other competitor’s trademark or intellectual property, nor do we want others to profit through infringing upon our intellectual property right.
  1. URwork will continue to support its community members with a broad range of services and is committed to building a healthy co-working eco-system with entrepreneurship and sharing economy at the heart.
  1. Albeit China’s sharing economy is at its infancy, it has shown tremendous popularity and growth potential. URwork will focus on its international expansion and vertical integration strategy through upholding the values of collaboration, sustainability and innovation and respecting the commercial principles in the international markets. URwork will continue to actively build a healthy eco-system centred around co-working sector. In the meanwhile, we are open to the strict supervision from our global peers and media friends to collectively promote the healthy development and service upgrading of the co-working industry.

URwork (Beijing) Venture Investment Co Ltd

September 13, 2017



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